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                              Estelle Hivernet
                                                                 Embroidery artist





Hello ! My name is Estelle. I live in a small french village on the west coast

I love embroidery since childhood. I'm graduate of the school of hand embroidery based at Luneville in France, gaining my diploma in 2013. I hope my work reflect my passion.
I am a professional embroiderer
I worked for Chanel and Dior during my embroiderer formation.

So, I'm happy to share my passion and my knowledge with you. I create my kits with care and love, knowing you will enjoy them and have pleasure with your results !
I love teaching, and my embroidery kits and pattern are an opportunity for me to teach worldwide with love and patience the art of hand embroidery.

Embroidery is for me like a prayer. A quiet calm descends and I can pray for the whole world when I'm embroidering scapulars or baptism medals
All my work is inspired by the blessings of the earth

Thank you for visiting! I hope you can find something you LOVE!
Everything in my shop is made 100% to order and 100% by hand, just for you :) 

Hand Written, Hand Drawn, Hand Stitched - Always

Learn more about my work here 

Estelle Hivernet, Brodeuse d'art
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