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Over the course of thoughts ...

Some thoughts that arise during the work of creation ...

"artists embrace more than they separate,

pose the mystery of Creation and open the heart and mind to this mystery. (...)
"Beauty will save the world", said Prince Muishkin, from Dostoyevsky's pen,

"beauty, this eternity here below", and Bulgakov added: "And art is an instrument".

Hélène Grimaud - Return to Salem


Embroidery, an opening to the world
By discovering embroidery, which quickly became a passion, it is a whole set of fields that  open up and become a source. Indeed, the embroiderer is constantly in search of inspiration for her creations. Painting, architecture, nature, but also literature and music. Everything is food. We must let ourselves be permeated by what we see, by what surrounds us, without wanting to get our hands on it. It is long-term work that is done almost without our knowledge. A descent into the depths before emerging transfigured under the fingers of the embroiderer.

Embroidery, timeless attention

Time doesn't count in embroidery. Point by point, - pearl by pearl, creation advances patiently but without haste. It is a job of listening. Listen to what colors and materials tell us, to assemble them in constant attention to beauty and harmony. We enter into embroidery as we enter into prayer. The universe is present at your fingertips and the work advances to the rhythm of the heart.

Embroidery, an art of living

Embroidery requires skill and thoroughness. It is precision work that requires patience and dexterity. The embroiderer must be as perfectionist as he is passionate!

Embroidery, a surprise
There is something almost supernatural about creation. At the start you have a good idea  precise what you want to do. Then at one point, the work escapes you. It has a life of its own, it takes a direction you would not have imagined ... and that's what makes any art work so exciting.

Embroidery, the place of my prayer

"Art is like prayer, a hand stretched out in the dark

that wants to seize a part of grace, to transform itself into a hand that gives."

Franz Kafka

Embroidery is an activity that needs silence and concentration. It is conducive to meditation and contemplation. Artists have this blissful ability to write what they wear through their work. Their joys and their sorrows weave the fabric of their creation. My embroideries tell stories: mine, that of people I love, that of those I meet from near or far. This is what makes the work unique and precious!

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