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I finally found time to work on the site.

The products are the same as on Etsy

and follow-up delivery is offered from 22 euros of purchase.

On the site you will find all the embroidery kits (description in French), available for sale in French.

for English speakers, the kits are available on Etsy:

The scapularies are available for sale on the site. Due to a predominantly English speaking buyer for this kind of product, the description is in English...

but don’t panic the description in French is available on Etsy:

English or French Pdfs are automatically downloaded on Etsy:

beaded embroidery courses are available for sale only in French, on the site.

Supplies (sequins, hooks, glove threads and beads) are available on Etsy:

I want to thank you very much for the feedback you leave on the Etsy stores, some of which are heartwarming and motivating me in each of my long work days.

Feel free to read them.

If you have:

questions about the products,

desires of customizations,

need help to place order,

need advice on kits or courses,

questions about your orders,

Feel free to contact me.

See you soon,


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