"She was passionate about knitting because it allowed her to reach a state of peacefulness,
and she loved embroider because it let her express her creativity.
Both activities were liberating.
They allowed her to exist outisde of time"

Laura Esquivel, Pierced by the Sun 

World needs beauty, and embroidery is one of the most beautiful visual arts

Embroidery is a national and local heritage here, in Lunéville, where I learned my trade and graduated.

I am a professional embroiderer
I worked for Chanel and Dior during my embroiderer formation.

So, I'm happy to share my passion and my knowledge with you.

I create my embroidery kits and embroidered gifts (patches, scapulars, jewels)  with care and love, knowing you will enjoy them and have pleasure with your results !

I love teaching, and my embroidery kits and pattern are an opportunity for me to teach worldwide with love and patience the art of hand embroidery.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have question about one of my items
Best regards



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